The Advantages Of Cashmere Wool

The Lady Diary prefers using Australian cashmere wool for our winter clothing because it offers a wide range of benefits, making it quite a desirable fabric for personal use. This blog entry will offer useful information about cashmere wool to help you understand why an investment in this material is worth it.

But first, here is a little bit about what cashmere wool is and where it comes from.

What Is Cashmere Wool?

Cashmere wool, or otherwise known as cashmere, is a specific kind of fiber from various goat species, such as cashmere and pashmina, for example. Cashmere is different from other wool types as wool typically comes from sheep, which gives a relatively weaker fiber.

For centuries now, cashmere has been extensively used in clothing, and we at The Lady Diary continue to innovate on this ancient legacy by incorporating cashmere in our clothes. Cashmere is notorious for being a very soft and light-weight material while also offering many other benefits to its users.

Six Major Advantages Of Cashmere Wool

  1. The softness of cashmere comes from a Cashmere goat's fleece, where the fibers are quite fine. Cashmere also has a very luxurious feel to it, which is owed to how airy it can be. Many people who learn how to properly care for cashmere report that it gets softer with age!
  2. Despite being one of the softest fabrics on the planet, cashmere provides a lot of warmth. Some experts suggest that it provides 7 to 8 times more insulation than regular sheep wool. So, for those of you women living in icy-cold areas, make cashmere your best friend.
  3. Cashmere also has this unique ability to absorb moisture from the body while repelling it from outside it. This means that you can even wear cashmere when it is slightly warmer, making it quite a versatile material for use.
  4. If these benefits alone weren’t mind-blowing enough, cashmere wool is also quite comfortable. Sheep wool is known for making skin scratchy, but given cashmere’s soft and airy texture, this is never a problem.
  5. Another incredible advantage of cashmere is that it is wrinkle-resistant, so if you are traveling and do not have the time for ironing, wearing cashmere will be the easiest thing you do that day.
  6. Finally, cashmere is incredibly useful for regulating body temperature as it is quite breathable. Because of its unique fibers, cashmere is also fire-resistant and hypo-allergic, meaning that if you have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, cashmere will keep your skin allergies from acting up.

With all these exciting advantages of cashmere, you can imagine that it is not the cheapest clothing material available. But like some of the best things in life, cashmere can get better with age when treated well. Therefore, here at The Lady Diary, we believe cashmere to be a worthwhile investment in comfort and luxury.


Why Shop For Cashmere Clothing At The Lady Diary?

At the Lady Diary, we only ever use the best clothing materials for our designs, making them superior to our competitors' vast majority. Each piece is crafted with expertise, care, and precision, ensuring a seamless feel to our products without any compromise on quality and style.

We also go above and beyond to make sure you have the best value for your money, which also includes using comparatively cheaper but still the best quality products for our designs.

Consider our fox fur double-sided cashmere coat in blue and camel colors. This item is made exclusively from Australian cashmere, which is a relatively more economical option than other kinds of cashmere on the market. In addition, this fabric is also more stain-resistant and durable than other wools.

Moreover, this coat promises to make you look powerful, independent, and incredibly stylish. When paired with jeans or leggings and a strong boot with the coat as the centerpiece, you will shine brighter than anyone else in public.

Hence, with that said, you should add cashmere to your wardrobe as soon as possible to feel as stunning and empowered as does our lovely model here.